An attempt to clarify the data that is collected from you when you use this website. At Blue Inversion, we only collect the minimum data we need to stay functional.

Data Collected:

  • Wix Analytics Data.

  • Google Analytics Data.

  • Gumroad Data.


Blue Inversion uses Wix's Analytics Tool to track things like how you reached here, bounce rates, clicks, location, etc. Things that all websites do in some shape and form. But this data is anonymous which means your name or identity is not attached to this information at all.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics too from time to time in conjunction to Wix Analytics. This collects similar data and is anonymous.


We use Gumroad as you might have noticed, to host and distribute products. This involves storing your email address and other details that you enter during the purchase. Gumroad has it's own analytics tool as well.


On downloading a file on Gumroad you get subscribed to the Blue Inversion Newsletter. You can unsubscribe later though, look for unsubscribe link in the emails you receive from us. But we do this to deliver free product updates to you. If you unsubscribe, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be delivered new updates for your purchase.

Third party

We never sell any data to Third Party Services. But depending on your browser, social media services you use, etc. the respective websites might know when you visit our website. This is outside our control and pretty normal for most online sites.

Also, you might want to check privacy policies of Wix, Google and Gumroad separately too. They have their own policies which is also outside our control.


If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any information we may have about you, you are invited to contact us here. Note, we can only delete data that we have control over directly.

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