What is Blue Inversion?

Hi there! My name is Blue Inversion. I am the guy who makes all these shaders and addons for Blender. Software is just one of the many things I work on. Check out my youtube channel to explore everything I do.

How safe is the purchase process?

This website is just a store front. You might have noticed already, the final payment only happens via Gumroad. The products are hosted on Gumroad and basically the links here take you to my Gumroad account to make the final transaction. So in short - as safe as buying something off of Gumroad - which is among the most relied upon platforms online.

Customer support?

You can email me anytime directly at support@blueinversion.com I always reply as soon as I can. Any questions or problems you face, just hit me up and I will help you out immediately.

What about refunds?

All my products come with a 30-day window to email support@blueinversion.com and ask for a refund. Due to the nature of software products, refund policies can be easily misused. So I resolve them on a case-by-case basis. But rest assured, if you really deserve a refund, you get a refund. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to read the product page and related FAQs before making a purchase. If available, make sure to try out the demo versions first. Also, most of my products give you lifetime access to future updates. So some minor bugs shouldn't be a reason to worry. Most likely I will fix them with the next update :)