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Hi, I am Blue Inversion. I started as a 3D artist at age 13, when I found the software called Blender. I kept at it for years, slowly becoming a self-taught artist. At around age 16, I became obsessed with electronic music and soon experimental obscure sub-genres. I initially used LMMS and now Bitwig. In 2020, I stumbled upon the world of NFTs and how decentralization can enable the concept of a sovereign artist. I have been bullish on blockchain and independent artists ever since. My love for entrepreneurship, coding and math helped me glue all my passions into one singular identity - Blue Inversion. It has always been a personal struggle for me to fit into a well defined box. So I stopped trying to. I am working hard to build a community around this idea of unorthodox artistic work. So if you resonate with me, welcome to my world. At the core of everything, I have always been a product person. This store holds the tools that I have conjured up for myself and strongly believe will help other creatives like me.